Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kids Cooking Thursday: Chocolate Spaceships

I'm getting very behind in my posting, and I do promise to fix that, but I'm having enough trouble getting myself to cook, let alone blog about it at the moment. The same R/L issues are what inspired today's KCT dish - that, and Master Four asked to make them last week. I promise this is going to be the last "assembly" cooking the kids do for a long time.

I made one to show them how

It's not very hard. Take a mini swiss roll, and put a small slit in three sides, starting from one end. Into this slit, place an After Dinner Mint that you have sliced in half diagonally. Roll a Roll-up or other fruit leather type thing into a cone, and place on the end. So easy, even a two, but almost three, year old can do it.

Miss Two's handiwork

Master Four eating the demonstration one, with "his" one in front of him

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nellbe said...

Hi Silvermoon,

I just wanted to apologise that I wasn't able to do kids cooking thursday today as I am a sickie and Little Man was at his nan's all day :(

Should be back next week - we already know we are making cookies to try out our new cookie cutters :)

Katrina said...

Natasha made slice and biscuits after school but I was out working when she did this. Hopefully will get the camera out in the morning to at least take photos of what she made.