Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday Chicken Crispy Bake
Tuesday Tuscan Pasta Bake (LOW GI)
Wednesday Southern Fried Chicken
Thursday Roast Beef (slow cooker)
Friday Pea Soup w/ homemade rolls, Pernese Bubbly Pies
Saturday ?
Sunday ?

This week Laura gave us homework :(. No, nothing terrible, in fact I look forward to going around the blogverse checking out this one: recipes or links to our family's favourite recipes. I had a hard time picking out these, since it's hard to get feedback out of small children (or DP) but I think these are winners. I've given links to the respective blog post, not the original recipe link (when applicable) so you can read what our thoughts and reactions were. (always important when dealing with young children!)
Chicken & Vegetable Pies, a favourite both fresh and from the freezer
Cauliflower Soup, a recipe lovingly stolen off my mother... via my sister. (multigenerational favourite!)
Mallee Quiche Another recipe from Mum's folder
Calzones Outside-In Pizzas!
Triple Choc Brownies The perfect brownie recipe.
Croquettes Yet another Mum recipe. I think there is something to that. But then, any recipes that can stand up to fifty years of marriage, seven kids, numerous parties and fourteen (soon to be fifteen!) grandchildren are bound to be pretty universal favourites.

As usual check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for literally hundreds of other menu plan blog posts, and everyone else's Family Favourites.