Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monthly Mingle - Fruit & Chocolate

August is not summer here in Australia. It's cold, and frequently wet (unless we are in the middle of a drought... again). It's not a time of year that makes me think of summer fruits, although you can always get canned of course, and watermelons are starting to show up in the stores - not that you feel like eating them when it's only twelve degrees (Celsius). But Meeta choose summer fruit & chocolate for last months theme, and since I saw the post with a week to go, I thought I'd sneak an entry in. I figure that grapes and strawberries and apricots are all summer fruits right? So if I were to get hold of dried versions, wouldn't that be an acceptable winter version? I just can't bring myself to pay import prices for, or to make summery type foods with, the fresh sort.
I was going to use the recipe post as my entry for MM, but I just couldn't make up my mind which one to use. Did I go with the chicken mole, because it's different and unique, or with the fruit and choc scones the kids made, because the fruit has more of a role to play? Or the dark chocolate berry brownies, which are my clear favourite, but most of the fruit flavour actually comes from the chocolate. All of these recipes hit my menu plan with the thought of entering one for MM. But which one? It was a difficult decision. I couldn't make the decision. So instead of posting an event notice at the bottom of one of those posts, I'm putting it here, with photos, and links back to the original posts for the recipes. Because really, when it comes to fruit and chocolate, you can never have enough right? So, following that logic, you really should also check out the round-up.

Chicken Mole

Wheely Scones

Dark Chocolate Berry Brownies


Meeta K said...

wow! the chicken mole is exceptional! great entries!